Environmental analysis

1. Overview of environmental analysis services

EAC, JSC pleased to introduce measurement services, environmental analysis for environmental status assessment, environmental monitoring. The environmental analysis laboratory of the EAC, JSC is equipped with modern equipment, meeting the requirements of analyzing all criteria according to the current Vietnamese Standards and Regulations. Our main facilities include:

Field observation devices, laboratory analysis

1. Measuring devices for microclimate, noise, vibration;
2. Testo emission meter;
3. pH meter, Desktop temperature;
4. Noise machine Rion;
5. GPS global positioning machine;
6. Flow meter, exhaust gas temperature;
7. SP 600 water quality rapid spectrometer;
8. UV-VIS Cary 60 Optical Photometer;
9. Air stirring from heat;
10. Isokinetic air and exhaust sampling device;
11. Deep water sampling device;
12. Sampling device for bottom sediments;
13. Plankton sampling device;
14. Colony counting machine;
15 Refrigerator system stores samples;
Other ancillary equipment.

2. Analytical capacity

The environmental analysis laboratory of EAC, JSC is capable of analyzing most of the environmental parameters in solid, liquid and gas environments according to the Environmental Standards and Regulations; Specifically:

  • Measurement and analysis of air samples and emissions.
  • Measuring and analyzing samples of wastewater, surface water, groundwater, coastal water, daily-life water, drinking water.
  • Measurement and analysis of soil samples.
  • Measurement, analysis of sediment samples, sludge.

3. Certifications

Laboratory of EAC, JSC has successfully built ISO 17025: 2005 (VILAS) and received the Certification of Quality Accreditation Office (BoA) of the Ministry of Science and Technology ( MOST): Certification of VILAS 968 Decision of recognition

Laboratory of EAC, JSC was granted Certificate of Eligibility for Environmental Monitoring by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment.

Recognition decision: No. 525 / QD-BTNMT.
Model number: VIMCERTS 185.

4. Services:

We are pleased to offer the following environmental analysis services:

  • Measuring the environment at the scene.
  • Take samples and observe the environment at the scene.
  • Analyze environmental samples according to current regulations.
  • Making environmental status assessment.
  • Make an environmental monitoring report.