Technical equipment of the Environment and Construction Alliance, Joint Stock Company

In order to follow the rapid development of society and market, we constantly build a highly qualified workforce along with the application of ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Enterprise resource management software system ERP. The EAC Alliance is confident that you will be able to convey your beliefs and ideas.

EAC Alliance is committed to continuing for further develop, together with our customers and colleagues to aim at building a sustainable development society.

The laboratory of EAC Alliance is built on a foundation of highly qualified and dedicated personnel with the profession.

With the criteria of increasing capacity and service quality, we have fully equipped with modern laboratory equipment to serve research and respond quickly, flexibly and effectively for measuring and analyzing environmental criteria according to current standards and Vietnamese regulations.

Some pictures of equipment and machinery of EAC Alliance:

 IMG_20180301_111245 IMG_20180301_111218 IMG_20180301_111202

 IMG_20180301_110812 IMG_20180301_110733 IMG_20180301_110220 IMG_20180301_110159  0382bb543f04c75a9e15

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