Open letter

EAC, JSC would like to send the most respectful greetings to you. Wishing your company are always successful.

EAC, JSC is a reputable environmental company operating in the field of environmental consultancy, waste water treatment, emissions, with a good team of highly qualified engineers and bachelors , professional working style, enthusiasm, trained from famous universities in Vietnam and abroad. We strongly believe that the bidding packages and projects we carry out will ensure the current Vietnamese standards, product quality and aesthetic requirements.

Over the years, from our company start – up and development, EAC, JSC  has made continuous progress in Consulting, services on environmental engineering, Consulting technology transfer services. , … EAC, JSC  with extensive experience and certificate of environmental testing room – VILAS968 (ISO / IEC-17025: 2005 – BOA), Certificate of eligibility for observation activities -VIMCERTS 185 …

The principal activities of the Company:

Environmental analysis.
Technical field of technology.
Exploiting and treating supplied water.
Consulting design, construction and installation of domestic, industrial, exhaust, waste water treatment systems.
Handling and disposing of non – hazardous waste.
Completing construction works.
Consulting field.
Environmental monitoring.
Report environmental status, or Make periodic environmental control report.
Environmental impact assessment report (EIA, DMC).
Permission to discharge sewage into water sources
Register the report of hazardous waste source.
Report on completion of environmental protection commitment.
Welcome to E.A.C

Customers will always receive the enthusiasm, dedication and the best products.

Free consultation in the field of environment.

Reasonable price.

E.A.C always has preferential policies for customers and special policies for customers who are long-term partners of the company.


Hotline (+84-2432).036.988
Tel: (+84)981.440.000 – (+84)967.383.444

Best Regards!