Project “Construction and Investment of VinHome Imperia Hai Phong urban area”

The project “Construction and Investment of VinHome Imperia Hai Phong urban area” was built in Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City, invested by Vingroup, the Environment and Construction Alliance Joint Stock Company prepared Environmental Impact Assessment report (EIA report).
Content in the project:
1. Investigation and survey:
 Collect documents and data on socio-economic characteristics and current and environmental status in the study area (labor, health, education, grassroots population) infrastructure, economic development orientation, environmental status …);
 Measurement, sampling and analysis to assess the environmental quality index (air, water, soil, ecology) of the study area.
                               Figure 1: Overall viewing of the project
2. Research to write thematic reports and general reports:
Summarizing and processing data, information and research papers to write relevant thematic reports in service of EIA reports:
 Natural, socio-economical conditions and environment in the studied area
 Assess the environmental impacts of the project
Measures to minimize adverse impacts, prevent and respond to environmental incidents of the project owner;
 Commitment to implement environmental protection measures of the project investors;
 Environmental treatment facilities, project management and environmental monitoring program.
 Research, synthesize and develop the environmental impact assessment report of the project “Construction and Investment of VinHome Imperia Hai Phong urban area”
                                         Figure 2: Adjacent area, shop house

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