Environmental consultancy

Environmental consultancy
EAC, JSC is one of the best consulting companies operating in the field of technology and environmental consultancy that trusted by customers. At the top priority is environmental protection to contribute to the sustainable development of society, providing consulting services to support customers in pollution control to find solutions to protect the environment, improve advanced production system with cleaner production technology.

With the sologan “Clean and develop” EAC, JSC was born to stand side by side with your business in solving environmental issues, including the following areas:

Consult design, construction and technology transfer to water and waste water treatment plants; Environmental consultant:

  1. 1. Environmental impact assessment reports (EIA)
  2. 2. Environmental protection plan
  3. 3. License of groundwater exploitation
  4. 4. Advice on cleaner production technology for factories;…
  5. 5. Consultant report discharge of wastewater into water sources
  6. 6. Other environmental legal procedures

JEAC, JSC has a good team of engineers and masters with many years of experience. Your company will surely be satisfied with the quality, price as well as professional accuracy when your company co-operates with us. EAC, JSC are looking forward to becoming a partner to be able to contribute to supporting your company in the implementation of environmental protection policies, while improving competitiveness and improving the working environment.