Construction treatment system

Construction treatment system

The process of urbanization is taking place strongly in Vietnam, the water using demand for daily activities, production and services is increasing, thus, generating a large amount of wastewater. However, the water supply and drainage systems in urban areas and surrounding areas are still inconsistent and lack the necessary facilities for wastewater treatment. Therefore, the development and application of waste water treatment methods that consume less energy and have low operating costs will bring high efficiency in solving environmental pollution issues for companies and enterprises, production facilities in urban areas.

With a good team of experienced environmental engineers in the field of design and construction of wastewater treatment systems, the EAC JSC will design a solution for wastewater treatment and construction or improving the most technically and economically optimal wastewater treatment system in specific fields such as:

– Treating domestic wastewater;

– Treatment of industrial wastewater;

– Treatment of medical wastewater;

– Service wastewater treatment …

Wastewater treatment systems usually consist of structures where wastewater is treated by mechanical, chemical and biological methods, to remove pollutants from the wastewater. Satisfactory discharge to the environment.